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    New Merchant - Action Village?
    This morning when I logged into CJ, I see Action Village is offering an affiliate program again. Great news for me and they have some very good terms. I applied and was accepted in a couple of hours. The 'advertiser details' don't list an AM or contact info for an AM. I went on their website and called their business number, asked for contact info or to talk to the AM. The lady I talked to had to put me on hold to talk to her boss, then came back to tell me they don't have an affiliate program and have no relationship with CJ? errrrr ..... can you check with someone else there? Maybe someone in marketing?? (5 minutes on hold listing to elevator music) ....nope, they don't know of any affiliate program either...

    Did anyone else sign up for Action Village or know the AM in charge of it?

    Why doesn't CJ require AM contact info before a program goes live?

    Note: Since posting this there has been an AM contact added.
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