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    Greetings all,

    Check this out ...

    I got a update at facebook from a family member... about a Charity Shopping site for autism speaks...

    So I went to the URL to check it out ..

    Then I see they have some EZ Shopper APP, so I clicked on that link. Note the following Terms of Use on the EZ Shopper App page!

    I went ahead and installed it to FIREFOX... then went to my Affiliate page for Toys R Us.

    I clicked on one of my Toys R US Banners and the following happened:

    First tab went to Toys R US - using my affiliate ID / cookie .. after that loaded

    another Tab Opened up using the other affiliate ID / cookie ( ....


    Can anyone else try and confirm?

    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    What do you think these parasites are doing? They STEAL your cookies, make the merchants pay a commission (deserved or not) and on top of that they let you think it's for a good action. BS. That's just to pad their own pockets.

    From nonprofitshoppingmal:" If you've downloaded the EZ Shopper Widget to your computer, any purchases you make from any listed retailer's website will benefit your designated nonprofit even if you don't start shopping from the NPSM site."

    From shop.autismspeaks: "I acknowledge that by downloading the EZ Shopper App for Autism Speaks, I will override any existing loyalty or coupon site apps."
    "This app is pretty amazing, even when you navigate directly to any of our retail partner's web sites (i.e. http://, the system will note your purchases, remind you with a "thank-you" window and - voila - your everyday shopping becomes everyday giving. It's that simple !!"

    For these people Charity means STEALING from others.
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