I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Daily Chuckle... buy since Gateway probably dont see how funny it is, Café it is.

I recently applied to the Gateway program on BeFree and received this response:

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Dear xxx

Thank you for your recent inquiry into the Gateway Affiliate Program.

Unfortunately, Gateway is only accepting websites that reside within the US or Canada at this time.

If you have questions about the application requirements, or if you feel that the rejection cause is not applicable, or if you would like to appeal for any other reason, please contact us at affiliate@Gateway.com so we can reconsider your application.

Best regards,

The Gateway Affiliate Team

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From: xxxx
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 6:42 PM
To: affiliate@gateway.com
Subject: Re: Gateway Affiliate Program


The website where I plan to promote your links is

This site targets 100% US traffic and is already driving
significant computer purchase business. It is also hosted
in the US.

We're interested in adding your products because they
would be a good match to round-out our offering.

Perhaps you would reconsider?


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From: <affiliate@gateway.com>
Subject: RE: Gateway Affiliate Program

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we are only
accepting websites that reside within the US or Canada at this
time. You must have a US or Canadian mailing address in order
to participate.

We appreciate your interest in our program!


Gateway Affiliate Team

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Hi Gateway Team

The website is hosted/resides in the US, 98% of visitors are
from the US and they buy from Dell US, Toshiba US and
Fujitsu US at the moment.

Our visitors reside in the US - what difference does it make
where *I* reside?

I'd like to offer them the chance to buy from Gateway too - but
only if Gateway would like a share of the business we generate.

Is that your final word?

Thanks for your time.

Still waiting for their final word but I'll take bets now on what it will be.

No wonder D*ll have blown them out of the water!