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    How much do you think advertisers pay overall?
    I was sitting here thinking to myself about how many people are apart of the oh-so-many affiliate programs that you can find around the web and how many leads/sales they must generate. Besides, if affiliate marketing didn't work, then advertisers wouldn't do it!

    So anyways, what do you think an average advertiser spends every week on leads? How about every month? Every year? I'm weighing my guess in at $1,000s per week, possibly even millions per year.

    But it's probably more than that. Just think of this... If there were but 1,000 good affiliates who made one conversion a day for an email submit that paid out $1.20 from our said advertiser, then that advertiser already spends several thousand a week.

    It's just outrageous to think about. What do you think?

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    That is a very vague question.

    Advertising investments depend on so many factors that will be insane to set an average $ without knowing all the facts

    Advertise what, where, on what commission %, conversion ratio, and so, so, so, so, so on.

    You are bringing the issue completely out of focus

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