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    Thought you all might like to look at this:

    Overstock....down to 31.64 from a high of 42 in late June...goes below 30 and it will be free fall time.

    eBay...down to 73.79 from a high of just over 93 in late June...looks like 63 next stop...then 50.

    Valueclick...down to 6.59 from a high of just over 12 in late June...looks like next stop is 3...50% lower in 5 weeks is not what you call good.

    And the fecal matter hasn't even hit the fan yet.

    Could it be there is trouble in paradise and the trusted 3rd parties are in ther process of getting theres...Wall Street Takes NO Prisoners.

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    Nah, it's just that everything seems to run in cycles. A few weeks ago, I told a buddy of mine that all the net stocks were ripe to short. Amazon and ebay were near their highs and ready for a fall. Just about all net stocks are down. Askjeeves, priceline, interactive media, findwhat. After awhile, investors start looking at PE's again and realize the huge premium that they were paying with internet stocks. They'll probably keep on dropping for awhile, and then will once again find favor among investors.

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