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    Zappos Declined Me Automatically
    Zappos has simply declined my application automatically. As a matter of fact, this is my first time to apply a merchant to affiliate with and thus zero sale in my account. In addition, I am from China. Can anyone here tell me what can I do for applying for Zappos successfully?

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    I would send the affiliate manager an email if you want to know the answer.

    Sometimes the system automatically declines but if you write an email and show that your site is legit or have ideas on how to promote the merchant, the merchant or manager could change their mind.

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    they may not be accepting applicants from certain countries. try contacting them if they have an email listed on their cj page

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    ^ All good advice.

    For example, we automatically decline affiliates outside of the US because our products can only be bought and shipped inside the US. But if an international affiliate contacts us and has a US customer base, they might be a good fit. The AM should at least be able to give you a reason for the decline...

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    Most of the time after being rejected a quick email to the affiliate manager usually results in my site being accepted. Send an email and ask why you were rejected.

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    I think they auto-reject coupon sites. If that applies to you it could be the reason.

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