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    Shareasale August Affiliate Payment - Direct Deposit
    Has anyone received their DD August Affiliate payment into their checking account? Mine has not shown up -- which it should have, since it was sent at 2:15 AM on the 20th.

    I've had DD with SAS for years & this is the first time it has not shown up as it should, so I wanted to check here first before contacting support.


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    Banks don't credit DDs on Saturday or Sunday. They're probably working on them today.

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    Cool I am waiting for my deposit also
    Same here. My account usually shoes SAS payment pending but no sign of it today. Mine was also sent on the 20th around 2 am. Guess I will wait and see if there is anything tomorrow.

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    Unhappy No payment either!
    Yeah I have also not reveived payment to my bank as well. Normally my DD is on time or at most 1 day later. Has anyone heard about this or should I just wait another day? My bank said there is no record for this transaction should I start to worry or what?

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    Same here. If it was sent on Friday the 20th it would have been credited to bank account balance today.
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    Thanks everyone for replying. Hopefully it will be in the bank tomorrow -- if not, there definitely was a problem ...


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    Mine was posted today, 8/24

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    Quote Originally Posted by esnagel View Post
    Mine was posted today, 8/24
    +1 (Just as it should be.)
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