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Thread: Have you met Ziggy?

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    Have you met Ziggy?
    Ziggy, the woodpecker, is Swarovski’s limited addition to the 2010 LovLots bunch. Ziggy is an entertaining character with a charismatic nature. His role in the park is to provide entertainment for couples visiting the park by singing and tapping a romantic tune.

    Ziggy's head is in Indicolite crystal, his body is in Light Azure and Aurora Borealis crystal, his beak and tail are in Jet Metallic Blue crystal and his eyes are in Jet crystal.

    He’s only available until December 31, 2010, so make sure to add him to your collection soon!

    Please make sure to insert you affiliate ID in the URL below.

    Swarovski Lovlots City Park Collection - Ziggy

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