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    I keep getting people contacting me from far away countries asking for something extremely expensive in ungodly quantities. Is it just me is this very common? Then they want to give me their credit card number so I can take their order over email. Of course I say that's not an option, but who else has experienced this? I try to direct them to the website, will even check if shipping is available in their country, but they rarely listen. If they do order, they definitely don't spend the $10,000 they initially seemed to have. I just think it's funny, my friends get a kick out of these stories.

    Gotta have something to chuckle about

    - Scott
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    It's VERY common, open a store at Cafe Press and watch the Nigerian emails roll on in....
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    I get these from time to time for all kinds of stuff, my favourite one was for 150 wheelbarrows to Angola to help people fetch water from the wells.

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    Oh yes, I used to get lots of emails from Nigeria, Indonesia and places like that asking for stupid quantities of hugely expensive items.

    However, I started to do a couple of things that put 'em off - one, I changed my privacy statement to say that any attempted fraud *including* requests to ship to Nigeria, Indonesia etc would be published along with personally identifiable information - and then I did it.

    The second thing was that I took the IP addresses from the emails, looked up the range on and used my hosts IP deny manager to block their whole network segment. I rarely get them now.
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