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    Multiple Networks use of Cookies
    I am very new here, just got back from AffiliateSummit and are trying to ramp up our affiliate program that we have in-house and also with CJ.

    CJ recommend us creating a cookie and then only tripping their pixel on our completion page instead of both our in-house and CJ and having to manually audit all that.

    Do you guys have any recommendations on how I can code out something so my completion page only shows the pixel for the program that generated the sale?

    I am pretty familiar with PHP and feel I could do this. But I am just trying to get some ideas? Do I just generate a cookie on the landing page that says it came from which program?

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    Are you talking about the tracking pixel?


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    The hard part is that you have to make sure that "which network" cookie gets set for EVERY possible landing page on your site. If you miss one, and affiliates link to that page, then the tracking pixel won't show and affiliates won't get credit.

    This is one of the three biggest reasons I prefer not to work with multi-network merchants.

    The second is that parasites on one network can steal from affiliates on the other network.

    The third is that many merchants who build out the logic to handle selective tracking for multiple networks extend that out to disable tracking for other marketing channels as well. Often, that includes newsletters. So, I might direct a customer to a merchant who has a 90 day cookie. That customer may sign up for a newsletter. A few days later, they receive a newsletter, click through, and order. Instead of me getting credit, it gets attributed to the "newsletter channel".

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