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    This is pretty strange. I decided as part of my dog gifts site to add a feature, dog news. Google will email you articles on any news topic as they become available. You guys must know of this service, anyway, I take the articles and post them on my site as I read my email. NO big thing, I have software help me add it to my page. Anyway, thye dog news is stuff like dog bites, dog crewlty, dog parks, lost dogs, dog shows, whatever. Anyway, ther4e are lots of them. I put the most recent on my home page and the over flow on another page. Strangely enough, people actually visit the dog news page, so I figure, put a google ad sense on the page. But its too racey for google, I suppose b/c it says "Google unable to show ads on this page, and the only reason that makes sense is "The page contains sensitive content".

    Anyway, you can see my news page at


    BTW, anyone hear about 'DOG child' discovered in Siberia or DOG catchers go on the offensive in Games Village or DRUG sniffer dog dies of overdose, lots of dog news these days

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    I hate to say this (since I was going to do the same thing), but this may violate their TOS.
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    I use the Google News service for finding interesting stuff for my Adirondack pages. Haven't done a major linking project based on their results though I do occasionally provide a link to a particulary interesting article.

    CheeseHead may be right, that Google sees it as a violation of the TOS. (See #3.)


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