Me & Goji has brought together the finest organic ingredients from around the world to create three signature collections to inspire your taste buds and satisfy your nutritional needs in their new Cereal of the Month Club. New banners for this special are also available in the Webgains system.

The three premium collections include: The Superfood Indulgence, The Active Edge, and The Gluten-Free Experience. Whether you are a casual cereal-eater, an avid cereal connoisseur, or looking for the perfect gift, one our collections will suit your needs.

Details: Memberships include two new premium cereals each month and range from 3-months to 12-months. They include free shipping, and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee where we will replace any cereal you do not love.

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER: through the holidays, we have an exclusive offer where you can choose any recipe from Our Recipes FREE with any 6 or 12-month membership.

Me & Goji the first custom cereal & granola company where you can design your own cereal from 60+ all-natural ingredients, name your creation, and upload a picture right to the label.

these are higher ticket items ($89-$299) that will surely increase your commission.

Me & Goji affiliates get 8% commission on all sales and have a 60 day cookie plus an open PPC.

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