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    Ok, I am spyware free but once every blue moon... which is rising often these days, I get a popup of "You've just won ______________!!! CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!" Of course, nothing in life is free and one day after wondering how in the world they avoid false advertising lawsuits, I dug a little deeper.

    What they do is make you sign up for their newsletter and you have to do one of three offers, which mostly are credit cards apps. and stuff like that. You must actually go through the entire process and get approved and then 12 weeks later you're supposed to get the free gift.

    Since this is the land of affiliate gurus, does this work? I can understand your targeted traffic is probably great but how many people would actually go through with the whole ordeal. And if they did, would it be cost effective to send them a free IPOD?

    I think that most people get halfway through it and decide not to bother. By this time, they have your email address which is gold. Plus they already know that by clicking on their popup, you're probably more likely to read their email newsletters jammed with aff. links.

    Am I off here? Anybody using this tactic?


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> address which is gold. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hardly anymore, at least not for that type of campaign.

    Incentive sign ups work well, plain and simple. They can range from high end campaigns like getting a free ipod, to lower end like getting a free magazine subscription... it all depends on the action the surfer has to take to get the freebie.

    I'm quite positive not many people actually fully comply to whatever the terms are to get the expensive freebies, and that the merchant is monitizing the email lead along the sign up process, or afterward via email ads. It's the only way they can pay the big rates people are paying now for email-only sign ups. I've seen some campaigns pay up to 80 cents for an unconfirmed email-only sign up form. That's crazy!

    From the other end of the deal, the end sponsor (the credit card merchant in your example) gets crappier customers compared to the non-incentive surfers, but it's all a numbers game. There's still money to be made from incentivized leads, just a seomwhat less.
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    What the hreck is an ipod and why would I even want one? Can I grow my own?

    The beans are doing well and I think I will have plenty of pods.
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    An Ipod is an MP3 player made by Apple.

    Apple Ipod

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