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    best affiliate network for web script?

    could anyone recommend an affiliate network, that would suit best to our web script -? It is a software clone of - group buying website.

    I have looked at and - but have not much expierience with affiliate programs and networks. I would be very thankful for any advice.
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    I really don't understand your question.

    If you're seeking to "become a merchant" with an affiliate network, I suggest that you spend some time reviewing past discussion threads in this sub-forum and in the "Merchant Best Practices" sub-forums here. You might also benefit from reading my "Free Affiliate-Program Advice for Merchants" (linked in my signature, below).

    I also don't understand (from your web site) what your product actually does. At the very least, your web site doesn't effectively explain and sell your product, which I expect will result in a very low conversion rate. (As a cynic, I suspect you don't really understand the underlying business model you're offering to help people replicate, which would likely be a much bigger problem but not something you'll find help with on this forum.)
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    If you want to sell your software and looking for affiliates then your should go with RegNow. They are costly still one of the best affiliate network for S/w based products.

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