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    Calendars fatal error
    I'm trying the latest script for the SAS feed and get the following errors:

    An example, this is happening while attempting a full catalog as well as category catalogs. This is from an attempt to use the category sports.

    # process category items:

    3/4: College Sports > College Teams > South Carolina Gamecocks (#3): 1 items, read, sort, map

    *** FATAL ERROR ***
    file_fn(SKU , item #1): empty filename

    # Check 27-Aug-2010 18:51:32; Split: 0m 00s; Elapsed: 1m 03s

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    I just successfully ran DySE::Calendars v10.08.17 with today's SAS datafeed (full catalog). Get the latest and the latest SAS datafeed then try again. Thanks.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano
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