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    Graphic Design courses
    I have someone asking me what course/seminar they should take to learn how to build html emails and web banners. I'm not a designer so i have no clue.

    Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks or Photoshop? And do the two-day seminars at local universities work?


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    Adobe actually has a whole site dedicated to tutorials: and there are a lot of sites with tutorials. Specifically for html emails and web banners, I don't think there are any. Dreamweaver would be good for creating the emails, so tutorials on how to use that would be good.

    Classes at a local university will teach the basics, probably not the specifics of email and ad banners, those are more marketing based. So there are 2 parts, learn the technical part, then learn the marketing part.
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    There are plenty of tutorials online to learn just about every imaginable technique or effect. "Classroom Courses" can only teach what can be covered in the several hours time spent on them.... very little.
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    Very good points by Loxly and David. The one benefit you do get from attending a live seminar/class is that you can ask specific questions - granted the instructor is knowledgeable in the area.

    Start with the online classes and then perhaps, if there are still questions, think of taking something to "tie" it all together.

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    You didn't mention the end use: does this person want to create emails for their own biz or for others? Do they have any design background? Understand color impact? Choosing appropriate graphics? Understand how to create appealing headlines/content?

    This may well not be taught in such a course & is essential. Nuts & bolts of structure aren't enough. Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop...very expensive programs, usually used by pros who earn their bread & butter. Extensive testing in different browsers/email clients is probably the most time-consuming aspect of this process.

    Web banners can be created with Paint Box Pro (cheap) or even with Gimp (open source image editing program). If this person wants to do create html emails for their own biz, a cheaper shortcut that cuts the learning curve could be to use Mailchimp, Vertical Response or any other email service that provides either free or a trial use. Create different email campaigns, send them to self, study the html behind them. Their email templates have been tried and tested.

    As davidh & loxly said, there's tons of free info online. Just make sure that the info is recent & not from 2005. And as Ross pointed out...the instructor may not be knowledeable in this area, especially as this is a specific niche use of the above programs. It's not what is taught, it's all the exceptions to the rules.
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    Very true! Experience, combined with a knack for a particular skill, go a long way toward a quality product or service. Although I can make graphics, I would prefer to have them done professionally by someone who is better at design and understands affiliate marketing.

    You are invited to contact me to discuss my current project needs.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidh View Post
    There are plenty of tutorials online to learn just about every imaginable technique or effect. "Classroom Courses" can only teach what can be covered in the several hours time spent on them.... very little.

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    Their a lot of good books with great lessons you can get last years book for cheap off of Amazon or even go to the library.

    Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator are expensive Gimp is the free one most people use.

    A lot of people can pick up the basics of graphic design fast but it usually takes a while to get good and make stuff look professional. If banners and ads look like an amateur made them it might not give people the warm feeling to click them and pull out the credit card.
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    Adobe Academy is a good place to start. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks are the tools that you would use to create the graphics for web pages. Adobe Dreamweaver is the tool that you use to put web pages together. All of these are my personal favorite, i.e. Adobe as a company is my favorite, right up there with Apple. Dreamweaver is really good at what t does, but if you want to be a pro, you haver to get dirty and start hand coding so have have total control of your pages, which Dreamwever can not do 100% for you, even though it is the best tool for that.
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    You can use inline declarations for important styles and declare them in style tags. You can use table tags for multi-column layout. And then test your email in multiple standalone and web based clients.You can search it on Google.

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