So being new to ShareaSale, I wanted to get the ins and outs of how affiliates track their sales and if they integrate Prosper202 (really Tracking202 and Stats202) into their tracking.

After doing some digging it looks like afftrack is the parameter ShareaSale uses to pass through an affiliates personal tracking. You can just append the afftrack parameter (if it doesn't exist) to your current referral link and supply a value.

Is the traffic report the report you run to view an output that includes the afftrack parameter you appended along with the other basic sale parameters (merchant id, date, etc)? Or is the only way to view sales with the afftrack paramater you passed by using the API?

I tried to do a few searches for Prosper202 and Shareasale but didn't come by much. Are affiliates integrating Prosper202 and the afftrack variable as the subID? That's the only way I have seen it so far since it seems many of the merchant's can't (or won't) add postback/conversion pixels to their thank you pages. I know ShareaSale implemented a captcha which caused the Stats202 functionality to crash (If you're doing automatic subID updates, I believe it still works if you manually upload your subID report). Has anyone else had recent issues using an automated Stats202 subID and ShareaSale?

Thanks for your help!