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    September 18th, 2008
    the new link structre were block in some countries
    I am an oversea affiliate from Hongkong.
    I always travel to China to source for my ebay business.

    Today, when I updated my sites in China, I found that all the links is blocked in China.

    Anyone knows what other countries that block the ?

    This question will be make sense for those has global promotion, or multilanguage sites

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    September 18th, 2008
    hmm~~~ interesting, even google adwords will deny the url , for the keyword diagnosis will told you there is an discrepancy between the urls .

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    September 18th, 2008
    Just use Korean ip , Japan ip, Taiwan ip , Singapore ip, UK ip, test ,all works.

    It seemed only China mainland has this trouble. ( But as far as I knew, lots of 4A company in China are using double click DFA to check the adverts , even the domain is

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