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    Red face Help me choosing domain
    I wanna built a site for small online business, which provide content, articles, logo, templates and web site designing services. So basically its all about web. But I'm confused on selecting a domain name that fit perfectly. A domain name which showcase our services.
    Any suggestions would really help.....

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    There can be various strategies:

    >> Your own name or surname which you can brand and that may be easy to recall in future. Example like I run an affiliate marketing services business with my own name

    >> You can go ahead with selecting your city / state etc. Example like it can be AtlantaSEOServices or NewYorkSEOExperts or ChicagoInternetExperts etc

    >> You also can search good k/w in this industry and target it in domains like InternetMarketingExperts or something.

    These all are examples and you have to modify according to availability etc.

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    Another idea for you is visiting expired domain sites for ideas for coming up with a domain name, you can search these sites by keyword of your idea, and they display domains that are expired or expiring soon.

    Even if you do not find a domain in this matter, you will get exposed to a various amount of combinations/words used to build domains that follow your interest towards your business goal, and from that, an entire domain name idea may be born.

    Use google to search "expired domains", it will be awhile before i am able to share in a clear matter to help you

    All the very best,
    Rick W.Fehr

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    Find unique name
    I know it's hard when trying to come up with a unique name. I personally like coming up with a name that doesn't necessarily have what you do in the actual name. There's a local example of someone in business just like what you are wanting to do. Their name is Future Farm. When you see their adverts, the name sticks with you as it doesn't blend into being just another SEO or WEB design name.

    In an industry I was in recently, I liked the name FreshBooks for a company that created an online invoicing service. I really think there's no need for a company name to be anything other than creative and memorable. Sorta like GEICO with the Geko image in commercials to sell insurance. I think its worth having a unique name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddurick View Post
    Sorta like GEICO with the Geko image in commercials to sell insurance. I think its worth having a unique name.
    GEICO was formed as an employees-only insurance alternative for government employees, hence the name Government Employees Insurance Company.

    The lizard came decades later.

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