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Thread: Whitesmoke Raises Commission Even More and Offers a New Incredible Incentive

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    Whitesmoke Raises Commission Even More and Offers a New Incredible Incentive
    Whitesmoke Has increased commission to 45% till the end of the year.

    Incentive: Any affiliate who makes 100k or more in sales till the end of the year will receive a $2,000 cash bonus on top of their already earned commission! Please keep in mind that any affiliate who comes close to the goal or shows a vast number of sales will get to continue on 45% commission till the end of 2011 and also get other cash bonuses.

    WhiteSmoke is the best of bread product and is the leading all-in-one solution for improving English writing. Ever since WhiteSmoke started charging for its services, the conversion rate from free to paying users has been phenomenally high, bringing more revenues for WhiteSmoke and our affiliates! Our Average sale is $110 and we give our partners a generous Revshare of 45% per sale. Some affiliates currently make over $7,000 a month!

    Join HERE and start earning

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    WOW! I wonder how many are making $7.000.00 on your program?

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    We have roughly 40-65 affiliates earning either close to or above $7,000 a month and growing! I guarantee to provide every tool in the WhiteSmoke arsenal to assist you in reaching this milestone within 12 months of starting as one of our valued affiliates.

    You can contact me directly at with any questions on this promotion.

    Zach Hamisha
    Business Development Manager

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