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    Commission formed to look at the affiliate nexus tax - September 2010
    Georgia has formed a commission to look at various tax proposals,
    including the affiliate nexus tax. They will be holding a series of
    town hall meetings throughout the state to hear from citizens. This is
    a GREAT opportunity to put affiliate faces in front of decision
    makers. We want to kill this proposal before it's turned into

    You can help in 3 ways:
    - Submit comments to their online form (link and template are below)
    - Attend the hearing in Rome on September 7 (I'll be testifying, and
    we hope to get others to show their support and also testify)
    - Attend and testify at any of the other meetings (email me directly
    if you're interested)

    If you'd like to attend, register here:

    You can submit comments here:


    This commission is considering an ‘affiliate nexus tax’, also known as
    an ‘Amazon tax.’ This tax scheme will have a devastating impact on my
    affiliate business in Georgia. I earn revenue from ads on my website.
    If the affiliate nexus tax passes, retailers who advertise on my site
    will stop advertising with me to avoid having to collect sales tax.

    [Insert a brief description of your sites, or something about yourself
    like why you are an affiliate, where you live, if this is a full time
    business or it supplements your income. Keep it to just a few
    words, very simple explanation, this form only allows a total of 1100

    When this tax was enacted in NY, NC and RI, hundreds of retailers
    stopped advertising with affiliates in those states, and their
    businesses were wiped out. I know the same will happen to me, and my
    small and successful business will be devastated. Please do not
    consider an affiliate nexus tax.
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    I will be there with you in Rome, my old stomping grounds.

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