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    Offering useful links will get you banned?
    Dear moderators,

    I was banned a couple of weeks ago for reason of 'spam' which I didn't. I was only offering useful links to the user that made the post. I was banned for one day and lost all the post count. I kinda lost interest in posting anything anymore. I have to get this out of my chest. I need some answers. I can't communicate directly with anybody so the only way is through this thread.
    I'm worried that any posts between now and the future will be lost if I get banned for no reason again. Can you please explain why my posts went down to zero and how this can happen in the future? I really want to contribute to this community but things like this really turns me off.

    Thank you,

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    If you have an issue with why you were banned, you need to contact the administrator.

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    Tw33ty, if you look at the top of the screen between the FAQ and the Unread Post count you'll see another link; Rules. I'm not pointing this out to be a jerk, but it seems that many new users come here and immediately get themselves into trouble because they assume that the rules at ABW are as relaxed as some other forums. Some users have read that posting on forums is a good link building strategy but fail to realize that many forums don't allow self serving links. I don't know what links you posted, but I do know that the moderators are pretty fair, so I'll assume that you broke the rules without assuming that you did it intentionally. However I will point out that it is your responsibility to read and abide by the rules whether you agree with them or not. And a failure to read them is not an excuse for breaking them

    All that being said, now is as good a time as any to get caught up with the forum Rules. Let's hope that the moderators will take into consideration that you are new and haven't taken the time necessary to familiarize yourself with them as it seems that you've broken another one by questioning your ban in public. I believe that there is a moderation forum that you should have had access to during your ban, and that would have been the appropriate avenue to use for a protest. And as Julian has pointed out, you can also e-mail the admin to discuss your situation.

    Good luck and welcome to ABW. Hopefully you won't get yourself permanently banned before you have an opportunity to become a productive member.

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    this really turns me off.
    Over the years we have seen "opportunity spam" under the ruse of "making a helpful post" thousands of times and it really "turns us off".

    Those who have the decorum to refrain from "opportunity" like this in the first place are the ones who will not try to justify what they did and act like they were a victim of heavy-handed board moderation; they tend to just take it in stride... "oops, sorry about that". Those who make a big theatrical production about the issue are usually the ones who will lay in wait for yet another opportunity to lob a linkbomb in from a different angle. Yep we've seen it a thousand times; same play, different actors.
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    There were also multiple users registered at your IP address, which is against the rules since they looked like you were creating two accounts. One account per person. If you need a second account for another person, then that second account needs to introduce itself as being in your office.

    You also have the opportunity as a banned user to communicate with the moderators, which you did. You are making it sound like you had no recourse. If you were a more established member that had made posts that broke the rules then only those posts would be deleted.

    Bottom line is, ask the admin why you've been banned, even if you are banned you have that ability, as do all banned users unless they are IP banned, which is only done in extreme cases or in the case of obvious bots.
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    First, let me say that I've restored all of your posts except the one that had the link in it. (And that one may have been okay, but I'm going to leave it deleted.)

    I've looked into this, and from what I've discovered, here's what happened:

    1) You're a new member. (New members are watched much more closely by moderators, because a large percentage of the new members we get are spammers.)

    2) In one of your posts, you posted a link to a site (of yours, I'm assuming). It was in context and appears to have been offered as an example site rather than self-promotion. Links are a big red flag for newbies, as posts with links from newbies are almost always spam.

    3) A moderator checked out the site you linked to, and saw some very objectionable stuff. I've since checked it, and don't see the same stuff. You have a ton of AdSense on your site, so my theory is that the moderator had previously been on a real spammer's site and the AdSense behavioral targeting put the offensive ads on your site.

    4) The moderator banned you and selected the option to delete all of your posts and threads (which is what we usually do with spammers - it's rare that any of their posts are actually useful).

    Hope that helps you understand what happened. We do make mistakes once in a while, and things sometimes aren't what they appear.

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