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    is this the dumbest question ever posted in here ?

    as it says under my avatar - newbie. Very newbie, I am still in the womb

    I only started AM about a month ago. I have set 4 sites up now with Amazon - all are focusing on the same product groups - consumer electronics and in particular 3D (I hope there is some action in the 3D market soon rather than all this talk).
    OK - the dumb question - for the same product, on the same site, can I be in bed with more than one (1) merchant. e.g. selling a Samsung TV model xyz - after they have selected what they want can I offer the customer more than one path to follow to purchase, store A has it at X$ and store B has it at Y$ - your choice Mr Customer. If so how do you facilitate that? - are merchants OK with this? Most of what is being sold is big ticket items so very price sensitive so offering a $50 saving through one store versus another can seal a $2800 deal.


    ooooops .......... NO AVATAR YET
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    Welcome to the wigwam............

    Dumbest????? You are not even close.

    Do a big G search on "Affiliate Price Comparison Script".
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