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    September 6th, 2010
    This is my first post. Unfortunately it is also a warning about an unscrupulous outfit called
    They are based in Cyprus!
    They target the old chestnut of `dog training`. I have a number of dog and puppy sites, so I got their email suggesting that their dog calorie counter would generate traffic and affiliate profits.
    It seemed a genuine offer so I installed it on one of my sites and used a budget of $30 to try it out on Facebook Ads.
    I installed the calorie counter on the homepage of my website and ran Facebook Ads using a budget of $30.
    Up to May I sent a total of 80 + referrals to their conversion page.
    They boast a very high conversion rate so i expected maybe around 10-15% conversions. These were targetted leads after all.
    My statistics showed 80+ referrals but zero commissions.
    I emailed for an explanation.
    What ensued was months of stalling emails from someone called Aaron. The strange things is that whatever department I wrote to, it was Aaron who responded? Almost as if he was the only person there.
    I wanted to write to them, but there is no address, just a note that they are based on Cyprus!
    To date I have just been told that my referrals were not good enough or that my campaign was not done properly.
    I have warned them that I will put their name across all the relative forums, so here it is.
    DO NOT get involved with they are scammers!


    Chris Arnfield BA, BSc

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    July 3rd, 2012
    Thanks Chris,

    I have also been wondering why the 50 or so referrals I have sent them have not generated any profit.....


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