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    generating only new pages
    Here is my problem. I want to generate unique detail pages where I can put a separate sponsor logo on each of the detail pages. Since Webmerge usually overwrites all the pages, I would have to add these logos manually and then NOT overwrite them when Webmerge runs again.

    Is there a way to have Webmerge only generate new pages corresponding to those records that have been recently added to the database?

    As a corollary, is it possible to FTP only the pages that have been changed from the last upload?

    Many thanks.

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    My suggestion would be to store your current (online) pages in another folder separate from where Webmerge puts newly generated pages. To keep existing pages from being overwritten you also can edit the feed so that only new entries are fed to Webmerge; BUT that won't take care of the problem of updating your existing pages for price changes if the merchant does not use an edit_date field.

    If adding in logo images is the only change you are making to the generated pages, you might consider adding the logo images as a field in your feed (and your template) so that they get added automatically as the pages are built. That way you don't need to worry about overwriting files.

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    That is an excellent idea and that is exactly what I am going to do. Thanks. Problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpdiaz View Post
    As a corollary, is it possible to FTP only the pages that have been changed from the last upload?
    This won't be in v2.7, but it will be included in v3.0: WebMerge 3.0 will have an option to store info about each record in the file so it can keep track of which ones change, and can optionally upload only those that do. Note that this will still mean uploading most index pages, since of course they'll be a mix of new and old records. But those are usually relatively few, so the savings on upload time should be significant in feeds that don't change often.
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