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    My odd schedule as an affiliate marketer.. anyone else?
    This isn't really a serious question... just thinking out loud...

    I'm now a full-time affiliate marketer, still loving every minute of it, working crazy hours, and harder than I ever did at a normal 'day job'.

    I'm sitting here on Labor Day, watching the US Open, updating my sites at a frantic pace ahead of the (hopefully) busy traffic weeks ahead. Trying to put new features in place, adding content, etc.

    It's strange to observe everyone (friends, family, etc) appearing to take it easy today, it IS a holiday after all - so why on earth don't I feel the same way..?? Why not shut everything down & resume tomorrow..?

    My affiliate marketing mantra appears to be "tomorrow is too late".. am I the only one..??

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    Quote Originally Posted by teezone View Post

    My affiliate marketing mantra appears to be "tomorrow is too late".. am I the only one..??
    I think that this is a mental thing brought on by being "self employed"
    and knowing that tomorrows groceries are dependant on what you accomplish today.

    I spent most of my life as an independant consulting engineer type and have always worked as you describe.

    It is also in the genes for some of us to work like that.

    I feel like I have missed a lot by working this crazy schedule, but the work has allowed me to see a lot of this world that I would not have seen otherwise.........but I find that my daughter and my present wife are wired the same way..........Therefore we are gona mix work and play......All 3 of us may be at the next Summit.....
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    It isn't a holiday here, but it will be on the 15th. I have been reducing my affiliate marketing the last few month since so few clicks are converting and I've been cutting back on sites to focus on certain areas while working more on my artwork on products.

    I think when you work at home especially during hard times you don't really follow a set schedule so days everyone else works you might take off and you might work on holidays.

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    I work hard so I can play hard. The hour or the day does not matter. Took a break last evening but worked most of today. Tomorrow I plan to run a few errands early then go play with one of my toys while Mrs. Beachy is at school.
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    My "play" is really work, but doesn't "feel" like it. As an entrepreneur you choose what you work on, when to work on it and when to take time off. We work when other people take time off, and we take time off when other people are working those day jobs.

    You will settle into your own rhythm and will create the right balance of work and play that is right for you. Sometimes you will feel the pressure (ALL of 4th Quarter ) and sometimes you will realize it is time for a break.

    When you enjoy what you are doing and get satisfaction from it (traffic spike, sales spike) it really isn't "work" like other people see it.

    I spent part of the last three days out photographing around our island. It's work (the photos go on sites related to wildlife, on Loxly Gallery or on other places), but it's work I could do 24/7

    The other thing is that some of us are multifaceted. We don't have to be doing just one kind of "work" to be successful.
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    I've been self-employed for ~20 years, mostly as an attorney. In my profession there are built in limits: courts open/closed, secretary's/staff's working hours, etc. There was always some evening or weekend work to accommodate clients.

    Web work is entirely different: infinitely portable, global=24/7, servers running amuck at any hour, an algorithm change blowing things up at any moment, etc.

    I have not yet found a happy healthy balance, but I'm working on it. I'm still running pretty much 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week, to cover legal and Web work.

    And I'm not getting any younger, i.e., I'm 50+.

    GOT TO excercise more and excercise more consistently. Not close to that goal.
    I'll get the hang of it eventually. :0)

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    Congrats teezone, I didn't know you were not doing this full-time before and just stepped into the dark side, lol.

    My mom was visiting me recently and saw how hard I worked. After a week of furious work I was able to take a short break with the family. She asked me if I was finally caught up with work. I had to chuckle because the work of an affiliate marketer is never done I told her.

    There are always links to update, some content to add, merchants to delete or add, that next "hot" season that you need to prep for, or a new website to develop from the long list of acquired domain names, yadayada etc. You find yourself working at all times of the day, morning or night, it all becomes a blur after a while.

    I think the key for me is to remember to take a break, step away, get some exercise, etc. It is then that I find that I am refreshed and have new ideas, ... and a better attitude

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    No teezone, it's not daft...I'm also guilty of 'working' online whilst other family members and friends are relaxing.

    If anyone complains, apologize and say you were just earning the commissions for the next family for me!

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    There are no holidays for my company, but there are periods where I am rewarded and I enjoy them immensely.

    But on Labor day, I was up at the crack of dawn enjoying the peace and quite while the rest of the family slept. I got so much work done during that time that the rest of the day was quite rewarding.

    The hard part of being a full time marketer is making sure that you give yourself time off. For me, I rewarded my self with a week long bicycle ride across Nebraska and a week long bike ride across Iowa. Yeah, I was checking my emails and merchant stats several times a day, but nothing major occurred and it was quite the vacation. Technology these days can let you do so much, just don't let technology control you.
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    I work hard, many days 13 hours, but I will take my holidays and vacations without a problem. I'm taking a 2 week vacation soon with no updates. And I also never update during the busiest shopping holiday Black Friday. I just relax with my family all 4 days of that weekend.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! This forum continues to be my go-to place as very few in the real world understand the work/efforts involved...

    Congrats teezone, I didn't know you were not doing this full-time before and just stepped into the dark side, lol
    Actually I have been doing this for a while (3 years!) - but every week seems like a new issue, whether it's google, merchant practices, new technology, new content... never stops...

    The hard part of being a full time marketer is making sure that you give yourself time off
    So true...

    knowing that tomorrows groceries are dependant on what you accomplish today
    And that is such a motivator

    I don't know any other field where changes can be implemented quickly and feedback is instant (ie. did it work, or not!). 'Spose that's what makes it so exciting... and why it never stops...

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    Most people who never owned a business think we have all this free time since we're our own bosses. While it's technically true we are free to choose our own free time, every business owner I know packs in a ton of hours each week.

    The same holds for those who work from home. I get a lot of "It must be nice working from home and take off whenever you want to." In fact it is, but they don't realize that it's also much easier to work many more hours-which we usually do.

    We love our freedom (if you can call it that) over our time off as much as we love our freedom to work as many hours as we do.
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    It definitely is great time wise - but you're always thinking about your business whereas someone who clocks in and out isn't thinking about work when they're off work (in most cases, anyway).

    The benefits - I get to see my family and kids more which is always a blessing.

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    I am still working my day job and trying to get my online work off the ground. With 3 kids and both my wife and I with full time jobs its hard to get to everything. But I still would prefer 14 hour days and in charge of my life. Then sitting wondering if next month I will be laid off or not

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    I've always had to work. I just grew up that way. Had my first job when I was 12 throwing hay and stacking barns. From that time in my life until now I have never been without a job of some kind. Still now I work full time as a welder/mechanic...oh yeah, now I'm working my butt off every night on the computer. The only difference is that I feel like I'm working towards something now. Not just trudging along until the next paycheck.
    Even with my online ventures starting to get off the ground I'm not even looking to quit my job, I would just like my wife to not have to work so she can spend more time with our daughter.

    I think one of the best lines I've heard from people that have no lcue the effort involved in making money online is this-"I just want to make money online so that I don't have to work anymore.."
    Are they serious?

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    Thanks for the link, not really my cup of tea tho.. it's an age/experience thing.

    I was in the investment biz for 15 years before pursuing self-employment, which eventually lead me to AM.

    Switching from corporate to entrepreneurial has been an exciting (but tiring!) change.. I can't complain to friends who have "day jobs", so I vent here

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    I feel like I am in the same boat. Constantly updating my e-cigarette blog, twitter, and facebook!

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    I don't know any other field where changes can be implemented quickly and feedback is instant (ie. did it work, or not!). 'Spose that's what makes it so exciting... and why it never stops...

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    You are not alone, many affiliates don't consider what they do real work, so they push themselves that little bit extra, and as you notice you work harder at it than a real life job

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