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    what CJ merchants have datafeeds?
    Hello, new here. Been using CJ for several years but not my primary form of income. I do have one datafeed setup but I still can't see a way of displaying within the CJ interface;

    • a list of merchants that have datafeeds
    • a list of my merchants I am signed up with that have datafeeds

    Any help will be appreciated. I found their video tutorials pretty basic, couldn't find one that talked about this.

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    Account Tab > Services > Create Product Export

    Will show you which of the merchants you are signed up with have feeds available.
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    David, great tip. I've been working with CJ feeds for 5 years and never knew that was there... Embarrassing! I'd always just email the merchant or my acct rep to find out if there was a feed available.
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    Also if you view their info on a page (category or search) and one of the choices for creatives is "Product Links".

    They have made it easier recently affninja, that wasn't always there.
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