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    Uploading videos and banners
    We recently had some difficulty uploading videos and flash banners to our ShareASale account. We spoke to at least three people whom each asked for a different information request to make the upload work.

    We finally got it uploaded after some troubleshooting and while it wasn't a major issue, we were just wondering if anyone else had similar situations?
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    Once you do it the first time, you shouldn't have any issues. ShareASale support is great.

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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your prompt reply! You're right...once we got it right the first time, we had no issues uploading the other video sizes.

    There is no doubt ShareASale is very helpful and patient. Like you said, since it was our first time uploading, that was most likely the issue...

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    I find that affiliates don't like/use flash banners much, so haven't ever loaded those. Once you get the videos down they are a breeze to create.
    Deborah Carney

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