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    Concerns about "Affiliates" link on my site with high recurring commissions
    hi all,

    my product will be offering a 40% monthly recurring commission. i'm not sure if i should post an affiliate join page on my website for fear of customers joining up under themselves.

    im not sure if even a small link text at the bottom of my homepage for affiliates is a good idea?

    if anyone could advise, that would be greatly appreciated..

    thanks in advance

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    What do you figure you'll lose either way? Meaning which option would cause you to lose more money, if any? Do you think more customers would go through the affiliate signup process to save the money or would you lose more by not providing the info to potential affiliates?

    If you have a small link at the bottom of the page with just "Affiliates", how many potential customers do you think would even click on it? How many customers even know what affiliates are?

    We encourage all of our clients to have this link since the benefit far outweighs the downside IMO.
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    I agree with Greg. I think a small "Affiliates" link at the bottom of the page with all the other standard links (Privacy, Terms of Use, About Us, etc.) is the best balance. Most customers won't know, care or notice; affiliates will know to search for it; and it'll help your SEO for "[site] affiliates" and "[product] affiliates" (which affiliates use to find programs as well).

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    Put Affiliate In!
    My take on this is put a affiliate link in the page and don' worry about loosing any money by people joining up under their own link. Most people dont know what it is for only the trained eye affiliate.
    You can not focus on the loosing money part in your business you have to keep focusing on the make money part 100%. You will still get small percentage of people that will buy your product and request a refund anyway thats just how it goes.
    Goodluck and all the best with your product

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    You could put a "site url" field in the signup form and only approve those who have a top-level TLD. This would screen out the customers who are only signing up for a kickback.
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    I agree with what the others have posted, and if affiliates buying through their own link is still a concern, you can always put in a clause disallowing self-referrals.
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