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    GAN Announcement re LONG Delays in Reporting
    This message was posted today at the top of the GAN "Reports" Section:

    Due to a delay in processing certain orders, data may have been loaded into your account after month end. Final activity for July/August will be reflected by September 20th, 2010.
    Reporting delays of up to TWO MONTHS!

    And they are just telling us NOW!

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    Google is too busy working on instant search to work on speeding up our sales reports.
    Someday starts today
    Military Discounts

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    this just received:

    Please disregard the previous message (subject line: August Orders Attributed to Your Account) That message was intended for advertisers. You do not need to take any action. If you have activity that was impacted by the recent data update you will see that activity reflected in your account. We apologize for any confusion.
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    My month of august has indeed been very slow for my merchants at GAN. I am not sure i understand what is going on, but I hope this message means some orders weren't counted and i will be credited some!

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