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    Post Looking for someone to take control of our white labeled affiliate program
    Hi There,

    This is my first post to this site, I bookmarked this site before we started building our affiliate program and after completing it and building around 15 affiliate with smooth launch, I came back to this site to start our affiliate journey.
    We are a webhosting company from last 5 year now, and we have worked very hard to develop a white labeled affiliated system which enabled a affiliate to provide services like :
    1. domain name
    2. web hosting (all type)
    3. dedicated server, vps
    4. design services and much more..

    There are around 30 products under then own brand, some of the features are :

    1. The technical support is handled by our tech team under your brand.
    2. All the billing is handled by system.
    3. automated CRM for managing your customer.
    ....... The list is big so i will explain it in my coming post....

    Now in our country its working fine and we are looking for some person who will make super affiliate in other part of world. Now assuming any one join as a super affiliate from UK then all future sub-affiliate will come under his account in UK. He will be handling all the accounts, billing, funds e.t.c for that country.

    Please let me know how we can make it work ?

    Shashi Kant Pandidhar - CEO AbitIndia Group.
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    First, I removed your link. You can ask for general information, but for recruiting you would need to purchase an ad in the Announcements and Paid Ads forum:

    Next, I think that you will probably not get much interest because "super affiliates" like to work with well known companies and tend to stay away from startups. You are most likely going to have to pay for affiliate managers to go out and recruit affiliates for you. Plus you are looking for networks, not for a super affiliate. Managers or super affiliates do not handle billing or payments or anything like that.

    I also moved your post from the Affiliate Voice forum to the proper forum, where there is a lot of information that you might want to read through.
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    Deborah Carney

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    first of thank you for moving my post to right direction. .

    I have contacted the advertising team to see how we can work around.
    However as we are new in affiliate market, i was wondering about the right process. The Super affiliate thing is just a concept to make thing work easily.
    As local people will be interested communicating with local person in place of international call center.

    What do you suggest ?

    Shashi Kant

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    It still sounds like you need to create a new affiliate program? Or a local presence for your company? Affiliates work to promote your product or service and refer visitors to you. They don't work for you and don't manage a local office or handle billing and customer service.

    Perhaps tell us what you need instead of who you think you need.
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    excespan group
    can i post some link here to make it more clear to you guys about our requirement ?

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    When I see white labeled affiliate I think in terms of a franchise type business rather than a usual affiliate arrangement.

    I set up a company to sell hosting services, take care of collecting payments. You furnish the infrastructure and support and collect a fee from me. Is this correct??

    Is this the same as reseller plan??
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