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    Potpourri Group wants us to promote other affiliates
    I am so sick of merchants thinking we are stupid!

    Email i got:

    Hello Connie Berg,
    WOW Thanks to you our valued affiliate partner our sales keep growing month over month. We couldn't be more pleased. Keep up the good work.

    Connie Berg we have replaced the Shopping Essentials $20 Cash Back text ad offer with $20 Cash Back when you try Savings Ace text ad. You have been identified as hosting one of these ads. Please check your Potpourri Ads and replace accordingly. We have provided a list of those changed ads. See below.

    Thanks again for your efforts and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or special needs.

    Mike Gunn
    Affiliate Manager Potpourri Group

    Then they list a whole bunch of links for their programs.
    Why would another affiliate want to promote Savings Ace or even Shopping Essentials? Especially when shoppers who sign up have such issues!

    It is no different than them asking us to promote Fatwallet or another cash back site with the exception that they aren't fraudsters.
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    Well, I got dropped by the Potpourri Group because I live in NY.
    Gee, maybe that wasn't so bad
    Savings Ace is fraught with complaints who would want to be part of that team?
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    When they cut their commission rates in half a couple of years ago, that was all I needed to drop them.

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