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    February 24th, 2010
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    As Seen On PC Payment Issue
    I crossed the payment threshold on asseenonpc dot com in the month of July and was told that it is a net 30 company so I'd be paid on the 30th of August. I mailed them in the first week of September and they said I'd be paid in a couple of days thru Paypal.

    Now Craig Amell - affiliate manager at this network refuses to reply to my emails. The account shows I was paid on the 3rd of this month. I've been sending him emails every alternate day to update me about the payment.

    The amount is small - $ 115 but crucial for me as I want to get some articles written. Has any member worked with this network. What can I do to get the money.

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    September 13th, 2010
    Payment Response
    Hello Dinesh,

    As an international affiliate all first payments must be sent via commission checks before we transfer your payment to paypal. Your commissions have occurred across a three month period which is why you are now receiving your first commission check.

    As we discussed in earlier emails your account has been transfered to PayPal moving forward. I have been corresponding with you via email however you are always welcome to reach out to me at the number below or via skype if you have concerns regarding campaigns or commissions.

    Craig Amell
    AsSeenOnPC Network
    25 Walls Drive, Suite 1C
    Fairfield, CT, 06824

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    Welcome, Craig! Good to have you on ABW.

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    Thanx a lot Craig. I received your email. I hope the next payment would be thru Paypal. I have had payment issues with a couple of affiliate networks and was worried u might not pay. US check takes a month to arrive and another month to encash. Can't help it now.

    I am a bit tired with ASOTV offers coz they keep being turned off and then on again. Time consuming to change the links. However I made my first online $$$ with Jupiter Jack and would like to keep posting about ASOTV offers, even if the frequency is less.

    Sorry again but I had no other option. Looking forward to promoting some of ASOPC products in the coming season.
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    Don't want to jump to conclusions just yet but I've been waiting for my check for a month.

    I emailed them about a week ago saying the check hadn't come and they said they would cancel the one that had been 'issued' and send a new one. They would also notify me when the new one had been issued.

    Been a week now and no notification of a new check, no old check, and no replies to my follow-up emails.

    Not sure if this just case of bad administration, bad communication or just lack of interest in the little guy (the amount is for less than $200).

    Craig if you're still around please contact me

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