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    Affiliate link redirection and SEO
    I have my products on Plimus and Clickbank and am now switching to use mostly e-junkie shopping cart to track affiliates. Something I realized recently is that all these affiliate tracking systems use 302 redirection, which means that any affiliate link doesn't help me for SEO at all. For various affiliates on the Internet who promote my stuff in exchange for money, that's fine. However, when I want to put a link on my friend's website and give him commission in exchange, that doesn't work. I would be better simply exchange direct links.

    My question is... is there a way to have links help my SEO while also giving people a commission?

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    I think the short answer is no. I am not aware of any affiliate networks that can help your's just the nature of tracking the links/clicks through a third party.
    If you want to run an internal affailiate program, and bypass the networks...then you may get a SEO benefit.

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    Your affiliate program is separate from your link building program and the two should not be confused or interchanged.

    Affiliates place links to earn money, not to give the merchant backlinks.
    Deborah Carney

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    The only way affiliate links can help your SEO is if you offer your own affiliate program and the links are not redirects through third parties. If you do this make sure you add the proper canonical code so the page rank and inbound links pass to your site's main pages.
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