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    Clothing not listed as men's or women's...
    I have a site that I list jeans and am getting very frustrated. Some of my best merchants like YOOX used to list men's or women's in the title they don't anymore. Lots of other merchants like Macy's never have. Not only is it difficult to select products, I can't use the auto replace or auto feed features because of this. I've been emailing all the clothing merchants that I work with to try and get them to fix this, but the only one that seems willing is Buckle. They mentioned in their email to me that they have recieved the same request from other affilliates and they are going to change it.

    I'm hoping that other affilliates that sell clothing will also email the merchants requesting some way to select men's or women's clothing. I can't imagine a situation where you would list men's and women's clothing in the same shop. Other people have to be experiencing this frustration. Right now I have a ton of shops with inactive items that I can't begin to keep up with because I have to pick out every item by the thumbnail.

    If anyone knows a way to work around this problem, I would really appreciate it. If nobody has a soution, and are experiencing the same frustrations, please help me get through to the merchants that this is a huge issue!

    I was hoping that Popshops would somehow address this issue. I don't know how involved they get in working with merchants on their feeds, but how hard is it to make it clear that clothing absolutely has to be divided somehow into men's and women's.

    Any help would be appreciated,
    K Brown

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    I agree - this is somewhat of an issue for me too. Since one of my sites specializes in women's PLUS sizes, I'd also like to see the word "plus" in the title.

    It can be very difficult to view a tiny image in Popshops and determine if you're looking at men's or women's shorts or shirts, etc. Then throw the sizing factor in and it's even more difficult.

    Most of the merchants don't seem to really fine tune their data feeds like they could. Lots of them run words together, making it impossible to search for that item.

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    That's another one of my issues too. I've also requested that Popshops have an optional search of descriptions. In some cases that would help me out, but not all. Sad this is an issue, glad to hear I'm not alone. I'm still hoping that we can get enough affiliates complaining that we can get something done about it.

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    I've seen this a bit also, even extending to jewelry & other sectors. As there are also "unisex" items, a merchant may not want to specify men's or women's.

    Alas, there's also the merchants who use clever titles without even a mention of the type of item at all. I don't think PopShops has the capability to add description searches, which certainly would help alleviate the problem. Then there are those who cram so many keywords into the title it looks absolutely ridiculous.

    Personally, I feel it's highly unlikely that most merchants will hire someone to improve their datafeeds other than cleaning up technical issues. So keeping my fingers crossed for PopShops to get some serious venture capital & bring their service to the next level. Maybe the services for corporate enterprises have improved (a guess?), but on the small fry side, there have been negligible advances for quite awhile.
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    I'm a new popshops user and I'm running into a similar problem regarding the product categories. For large stores, like Overstock or even Zappos, it seems they will only provide a general category like Footwear or Bags / Luggage. It would be more valuable to see the specific style of shoes (dress shoes, boots, flats, heels, running shoes, etc) and bags (rolling suitcases, carry-ons, tote bags, messenger bags, wallets, etc). Does anyone know if there is a way to get the more-detailed style-level information through popshops?

    Is there an option through their API to request such sub-category data?
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