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    States working harder to collect online sales taxes
    States working harder to collect online sales taxes
    With budgets in crisis, enforcement efforts gather steam

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    Nice spin....hit the March of Dimes with a big tax bill for buying Tshirts online.

    That was a good article, thanks for posting it Rhea.

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    The story appeared on The Drudge Report today, it will get HUGE exposure..

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    politicians are so shortsighted. Raising taxes usually reduces income for the taxer.

    Reducing taxes actually helps and people dont try to hide transactions so much.

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    Very interesting article. Seems like an especially bad PR more for them to go after charities first. I think states will continue to scramble to find ways to "collect money they are owed" with internet taxes being a primary candidate.

    Here's to hoping the economy get's better so this nonsense will stop / slow down. I would also favor a streamlined sales tax but not holding my breath for that to pass anytime soon.

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    More will escape abroad and say bye to Uncle Sam. It's like two-edged sword, and in the end it may hurt more than give.

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