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    September 18th, 2010
    Hi guys, I am new to affiliate marketing. I got a site up and running but I want it more professional looking before I start to try to get any traffic.
    The thing is that I searched on google for keywords related to my site just to see what my competitor were doing and there was a lot of sites almost exactly like mine.
    Now, I am a bit ic pess imis tic about my chance of succeeding in this venture, will I have to battle these other sites by SEOing to get traffic, will it work, what can I do, I need motivation :-)
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    September 10th, 2010
    Dude! Welcome aboard.
    I know what your dealing with. I have really been there.
    Are you just checking your competition by searching words or are you using the "keyword tool" from Google?
    One thing I like to do is check with the keyword tool to get good ideas and different words to make long tailed phrases and such. After you have a good list, nothing to crazy, you can go and do a google search for the keywords, but put the keywords in quotes. This will show you exactly how many pages that are indexed with that exact phrase in them. Then you can check out the results from there and make your choice. Go to the first few sites and see who they are. Judge the sites, are they cheesy or big companies?
    This will give you a bit more insight.
    The thing with ranking, that I'm learning, is that if your feeding good quality content and optimizing the pages then your probably doing more than most of the other sites out there. It just depends on how big of a niche your attacking.
    As far as the SEO part...yes you will be hitting that hard if you want to get anywhere. It's a learning process, but even the most experienced person knew nothing at one time.

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    Don't worry about competition. You are not going to find an area with zero competition. The goal should be to find an area with lower competition that is not working as hard as you are.

    It is almost like you went to a race and are surprised that anybody else showed up. Somebody else will always be in the race. The goals is to be better trained and a better performer.
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    Healthy competition is a part of any business.. whether it's affiliate marketing or a regular offline business.

    It's easy to assume your "good idea" is unique, but there are very few uncharted topics online. You mentioned that these sites look just like yours.. are you using a standard platform/template/script..? You may want to think of ways to distinguish your site from others - this takes time & patience, but it's very doable.
    will I have to battle these other sites by SEOing to get traffic
    Of course you will! That's what we all do.. every day...

    Just work towards building a relevant & unique site (original content, etc), SEO will follow.

    Good luck!

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    Norfolk, Virginia
    Make sure that whatever affiliate program your doing is something that you are kinda interested in. I started a online pharmacy program and have had 0 sales because honestly it's hard for me to get excited about it. I don't research the industry and don't have good info to post on my blog. However, I have a fashion affiliate that is doing pretty well because it's something I am interested in and want to work on. Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure its something that you think you'll enjoy working on down the line.

    Good Luck!

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    September 18th, 2010
    Wow, thanks a lot guys. Those are very motivating answers. It is true, and I knew that there was going to be competition but I am pretty uneducated on affiliate marketing, I have no experience yet and I don't know how much competition there can be before a niche is saturated or before the benefits do not justify the efforts anymore. That is why I was a bit down but I will continue to learn. Thanks!

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    The more competitive a niche is sometimes is an indication of the profitablity of that niche. Don't worry too much about the competition. You just need to build a site with good valuable content and this will take some time. You can get some ideas from your competitors, and just continue to do what you are doing. If you are the only one in a particular niche then that could be an indication that there is no money there and thats why no one is doing it. For example the make money online niche is very competitive but still continues to attract a lot of persons because a lot of money is to be made in that niche. Just try to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself, diversify your marketing methods, set a goal and stay focussed.

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