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    Can someone explain data feeds to a total newbie?
    So my blog is on a custom domain purchased through blogger (meaning, I paid $10 and now I don't have dot blogspot in my address anymore). File manager? FTP server? I don't believe blogger provides/allows any of that? Not sure.
    Anyway, I have no idea what a data feed is or how to make it work for me.
    To be honest, there doesn't seem to be much help out there for affiliate marketing. Most of the affiliate sites I've signed up with just seem to assume you know the lingo and how to implement what they have available for you.
    I've been doing alright so far with it. But I know I can do better.
    So what is a data feed? Where do I put it? On a blogger custom domain can I even use it?
    I'm so glad I found this forum tonight. I expect I'll spend a lot of time here figuring all of this out!

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    Welcome to ABW Heateras, There is lots of info here at ABW, the best place to start might be in the Newbie FAQs Forum, or take a look at TeamLoxly's Affiliate ABC's. The Search box helps you find topics you want to read up on.
    About datafeeds, they are tables with product links and descriptions for those who want to promote products. You would need to learn how to take links from the datafeed and add them to your websites.

    There are different ways to use them, but blogger is not the ideal platform. Most affiliates prefer WordPress because you install it free on your own domain and you own the content - in blogger there have been some problems about who owns the content you create.

    Some networks have tools you can use to help you create pages and links to products to put on your site and with Wordpress you don't need to know html, but things would go a lot smoother for you when you do. There are services to help you display datafeeds like PopShops and GoldenCan, but again, blogger wouldn't be the best choice. To "put" a datafeed on your site you would want to use a script, usually php and learn to manage your datafeeds in MySQL. You might want to hold off on datafeeds until you get more familiar with the rest of how affiliating works. Read around for awhile and ask questions - the more specific, the better. If anyone has told you it is an easy way to make lots of money, they lied. Good luck.

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    You need to be a more experienced website owner to tackle datafeeds in their original form (ie. raw data files that are imported into a mySQL database). The contents of your product database are read by a php application that runs on your own website.

    The application is something you have to build - sure, there are tools & scripts out there to assist, but they require some understanding of website development.

    As 2busy said, there are third party services that give you access to their hosted applications - this will allow you to add specific products to your site.

    Affiliate marketing isn't as easy as it sounds, but if you have the time to learn it can be rewarding. Many people who launch a site don't realize the technical challenges that lie ahead. But it's all 'out there' to learn..

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    Imagine a datafeed is like an Excel spreadsheet. There are columns of data (Product name, product price) and rows of data (one row per product). A merchant will export data from their own product database and give you the affiliate a "datafeed". That data feed has several columns (10-20 is not unheard of) and several rows (10 - 100000 rows of products).

    You take this datafeed and the write some software in a computer language (PHP, C#, Perl) and process it for your needs. You could use it to be a web page for each product. You could use to load a database, and then use the database to build a page for each product. There are many ways you can use it to build your own catalog of items. You could even use it create an exact copy of the merchants store.
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    batteryfuel Patrick that was explained PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!

    Thank you everyone else as well for the welcome. Trust me I know this isn't easy money. I've had pennies trickle in for hours upon hours of work. They were pennies I didn't have before though!

    I'm currently just trying to learn all I can. I mean I am green green green. So I'm reading and learning and probably making a trillion mistakes as I go. I'm having fun though!

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    This is a great place to learn Heateras! Great honest question. Welcome to ABW.

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