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    Finding new affiliate referrals is very hard.
    I've tried the website exchange sites and nothing and i figured basically all people do is click sites without even reading what you are offering so they can get enough points to so they can post their sites that so you can click them without reading what they have to offer....

    Its so tough especially when you have a good product that isn't a scam or asking for money. When you offer it to someone you feel understands the business or would be a good candidate all they do is block their ears and just try to pitch you on what they have.
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    Traffic exchanges serve a singular purpose; providing traffic to web sites. Unfortunately it's unqualified traffic and the only incentive for these users to visit your site is that you and other unqualified users will visit their sites. Ask yourself; how do you find products or services that you need? Do you use traffic exchanges? No, you use search engines.

    Forget about the traffic exchanges and start learning how to build meaningful content and learn how to optimize it so that your site will be recognized and listed by the search engines. Once you get search engine exposure for what you're selling you'll start to attract users that are actually looking for what you have to offer.

    If you have funds available, you can also use Pay Per Click (PPC) to drive traffic. But be warned PPC is risky and can be very expensive, especially if you aren't experienced. You've startted in the right sub-forum, additional places to go for more information are Search Engine Insight, PPC Search Engines and SEO Discussion.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for the answers
    Rematt, thanks for responding.
    you are correct, i have just recently realized initially i was just trying to get people to respond to me without just being myself doing just about anything to get a sign up.

    i'm finding out since i have a product i finally really believe in and knows that works i can give out things such as my telephone and actually talk to people
    which is helping some.

    my concern about the ppc is i've heard of people for malicious reasons knowing click sites they believe is ppc just to run up their competitions bill. However my friend has a equipment leasing business and used it for a couple of days as a test and got incredible leads back. he said he had to stop until he got something to close because the results were awesome as you say but the price was really expensive to keep up for a long period of time.

    i'm online and watching the Falcons as we speak. I got a feeling we are going to win this one today!

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