IVG Stores Complaints - A product and service nightmare
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IVG Stores
Posted: 2009-09-02 by NasL98

A product and service nightmare
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IVG Stores
United States

After 6 weeks the issue was resolved with the vendor refunding my money,

including shipping. However, the lack of communication and misinformation

by representatives made this one of the worst buying experiences I have ever


I bought this table July 8. It arrived July 15. Legs were missing

pre-drilled screw holes, and lower shelf had rough edge. Contacted

manufacturer, who said I needed to return to vendor (IVG). IVG line was

always busy or on hold, & did not respond to messages or emails for 4 days.

On July 22 I finally got someone on line. She asked for pictures, which I

emailed. No reply. On July 30 I finally got in touch with the rep (only by

talking to a 2nd rep) who said pictures were not clear enough. I sent new


Finally the rep said she would send RMA label for replacement. As of Aug 3

no label came, then another rep said they do not give RMA labels to

customer. UPS picked up the table. She told me a replacement would not be

available until August 8.

I contacted BBB Aug 4 and finally got some notice from company President,

and was told I would receive a discount for the table, and that somoene

would contact me. August 5 I received a voicemail from a rep whose name I

could not make out. She said she would email discount details. No email


Replacement table arrived August 10: also lacked holes, and stain was uneven

on front. I called manufacturer again, and then IVG. Offered to ship new

legs, but I told them I wanted full refund, including shipping.

The new rep. emailed me an RMA label and said UPS would not accept return

without it, which contradicted what the other reps had told me. On Aug 12

UPS picked up the table.

A refund was finally deposited Aug 21, more than 6 weeks after my 1st order.

Although I received a full refund, I have NEVER experienced such poor

customer service. I had to spend HOURS just trying to get their attention,

which didn't happen until I contacted the BBB.

They also didn't publish my first review, which I noted in my first

complaint. They sent me a new link for a new review, but it has not been

published either. The only review published since Dec 2008 was a 5-star one. Very suspicious.

I easily spent 20 hours on this nightmarish ordeal, and got nothing out of it.

IVG Stores Complaints - Worst company to deal with
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IVG Stores
Posted: 2010-03-24 by Aidan

Worst company to deal with
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IVG Stores
United States

I can't even begin to explain. Ordered a loft bed with chair and dresser.

All boxes had holes. dresser was damaged in two spots. Can't get them to deliver the last piece I need to put it together so my son doesn't have to sleep on the floor

Customer service- Horrible

Lies, Runaround, No return on calls or emails, Damaged Items (same piece 3 times)

Still waiting on that one piece. Expect the 4th delivery to be damaged.

Was told the item I purchased has a no return policy. I have checked the website and do not see that anywhere. In fact they have a very nice section on theircustomer service. It's all lies.

Never again. I have ordered on Internet for years with no issues. Apparently my luck ran out. I got the motherload.

IVG Stores Complaints - Damaged Merchandise/Lack of Cutomer Service
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IVG Stores
Posted: 2009-10-04 by NewEnglandSeasons

Damaged Merchandise/Lack of Cutomer Service
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IVG Stores
United States

Purchased three (3) barstools. Total bill was approximately $900. All stools arrived damaged. Called Customer Service and left messages 10 times in two (2) weeks. No return call. Finally waited 30 minutes and spoke to CSR, who gave me email address to send photos to. Email address did not work. Called back another six (10) times to her phone and left messages. Finally starting calling around the company randomly left messages with everyone. Finally some kind gentlemen provided me with Manager's # and I left a message for her. Another CSR called me back immediately.

During this time I also called my Credit Card company to ask for their assistance.

Within two (2) weeks of reaching CSR Manager, I received refund to my credit card, with no instructions as to how to return merchandise. Left serveral more messages and then two (2) weeks later they called back to say UPS would pick up next day, which they did.

I have never been treated to horribly - I would NEVER do business with this company ever again. Worst internet purchase I have ever been a part of.

IVG Stores Complaints - ITEM NOT RECIEVE
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IVG Stores
Posted: 2010-05-10 by JS42893

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United States


Horrible online shopping experience. Ordered an item and with order confirmation, the est. ship date was 9 days later. Est. ship date came and went. after 2.5 weeks, I called to inquire about my order. Customer service stated "it was probably enroute." Long story short, I never received my item. I checked the order status on this miserable company's website 3 weeks after they took my money, and my order was 'cancelled". No email letting me know, no refund, nothing. Every review of this company i've read is similar. At least most people get the junk that this company sells, it's just broken, missing parts, or otherwise not as advertised. I didn't even get broken junk. I did however pay for it. Still waiting for refund too.

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