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    Avoid Newspaperarchive take2
    latest update on this issue (see first thread:"Avoid Newspaperarchive")

    after several months newspaperarchive still pay intermittently. A few months ago the whole situation got a lot worse; a popup ad appeared after the visitor had clicked thru from one of my ads that invites them to phone an 800 number to purchase. And naturally, this option eliminates newspaperarchive from paying the affiliate commissions. My commissions dropped to 30% of what they were after the popup went in.

    I dropped all newspaperarchive ads shortly after the popup went up and now run advertising for a much more reliable and lucrative merchant who pays in the first 5 days of the month following the month I run their ads

    So...from my experience; avoid
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    Never heard of them, but won't be surprised if some advertisers start doing some deceptive practices such as these to deprive you of your commissions, unfortunately the networks just turn a blind eye

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