I am still very new to AM. I have a couple of sites set up with Amazon however I am about to launch a site for a product line exclusive to me so setting up my own store etc.

Question - I want to include a "CLUB" on the site for loyal visitors offer special promotions etc. I need a program that I can insert a "register" and "sign-in" boxes with the registration being only email address and password (nothing else). Then of course I need to be able to build an email list from the members registration to be able to email newsletters and offers.
AND - I need the program to be able to recognize "members" to allocate special pricing for promotions when paying at the PayPal checkout.

BIG ASK ??? Does such a program exist? if not something similar? would ideally prefer freeware but will pay if necessary. Does Zencart do all the above?

Looking forward to any assistance from the pros please.

many thanks,
Mike in Australia