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    Question howto create seo posts with good content
    Hi Team,

    Im looking for a way to create seo optimized posts to two blogs or more.

    Im looking to save time, yet update my blogs with good content and have the

    content seo optimized. Should I autopost? Use a content writer?

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm finding that there is no short-cut for good content. You have to keep one thing in mind when looking at your content. It, really, is the blood line of your site. It's probably the one area where you shouldn't be looking to speed up or rush through.
    One thing I try to do is find a couple good keywords every day to every other day, and write them down. Then every night or day I try to add a post or page around that word or words. It's not all that hard. You just need to be patient so that what you write is quality and not garbage that people can just see through.
    Don't over stuff the post with the words or it just comes off really cheesy and isn't really fun to read...if your human. Blend them in there nice and natural and make sure it's not just full of fluff.
    So if your trying to rush this aspect let me ask you this, is your blog about something you know about or just something you think is a good angle?

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    I have tried everything from self written posts by skimming 3-4 sources on the internet - self written posts rehashed from newspaper and magazine articles - posts written by other writers - rewriting good plr - copy pasting cheap plr - copy pasting free articles provided by affiliate networks. As John said there is no short cut and quality does not come cheap.

    Better to post one original article than 10 which are already on thousands of sites. Consider creating a static site if regular updates are difficult to manage.

    If u have the money but lack time I'd suggest hire a content writer. U can find plenty on sites like odesk.

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