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    January 18th, 2005
    Lets here your experiences of hosting nightmares, i would be very interested to hear..

    here is mine....

    3 sites hosted with a host online, each site was promoted through pay per click and free engines..

    Wednesday morning I awake to do some work on 1 of them and also check on ppc... and find to my horror they are down... all 3.. this has not been the first time this has happened it has happened 2 times before.. and not for 5 mins.. im talking anywhere from 7 - 20 hrs..

    I check my email to see if theire was a prior warning notice from my host.. " none "

    that was the same case times before...

    I log on to msn and shes on there...hasnt dropped me a line.. but well aware that her own site is down.. so she knows her clients sites are down... but still hasnt contacted anyone.. I msg her.. say.. what is going on.. by the way.. up to now i have no clue how long they have been down.. I say " my site is down "

    her response " so is mine "

    I wait to hear if she will say anything next like " yeah sorry i didnt tell anyone yet, or whatever" But no....

    so i say " well how long has it been down?"

    she replied " Oh since midnight last night"

    so i figure the math... thats 10hrs already my site has been down.. i had no clue and my ppc was on....

    I have already shut off my pcc first moment i saw it was down.. so i say

    " so when was you planning to tell me and other clients "

    she doesnt reply...

    i then say.. " well whats the issue "

    she says " i am waiting on a callback, they are changing ips.. datacenters "

    I say " thats a bloody big thing.. shouldnt u inform people when that happens or knowing that your site is down at least let us know then, as im losing and have probably lost, $100,s of dollars'"

    u know what her response was next to that statement... and listen carefully see if you can hear the quality customer service in this...

    " you make out your the only one, losing money "

    WEll i nearly boiled at that point i couldnt beleive what i was hearing. imagine a doctor saying to a patient who has cancer.... " you make out your the only person dying"

    this had not been the first time she had said comments like this.. and then would go offline from msn.. so she wouldnt have to deal with any talks on why she doesnt do squat.. By the way.. if anyone plans going with her.. the only time your emails will get answered is when you ask about packages and joining.. other than that.. forget it as she doesnt answer them.....

    The whole hosting service is run by a women who sits on her ass all day.. thinking that she can run a hosting company using a shit datacenter like who has been known to have been sued, taken to court by other hosting renters.. for downtime loss and crap..

    she refuses to change her ways... she makes out she has tech support there. when she dont..

    all said and done.. I have lost in the past 2 days probably around $700 in earnings.. and she never once said.. sorry, or sent any warning or gave any idea of when it would be resolved.. so i immediately that day. changed host to someone who i have had excellent service with for over a year now... they go way way beyond your expectations as a host, fast, responsive and courteous.. they dont make you feel like a dick or as though its your problem and who gives a **** your site is down... there uptime is close to perfect.. i have cannot recall being down with them..

    but as for they can kiss my ass..

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    That sucks!

    On a slightly funny note, it appears you ex-host is down right now!

    I clicked on the link and it doesn't work.
    "All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy."
    "Work to become, not to acquire." -- Confucius

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    Time to look into a dedicated server from a reliable company. I use Great prices and incredible reliability.

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    This is a strange company...

    A while back they copied a site of mine - a client recognised it and emailed me to ask if I was expanding! The strange thing is, they actually spent quite a bit of time improving the graphics etc. - It seems strange that they would spend time and effort on that, but not on content.

    I'm pretty sure they have (had?) an affiliate program with ShareASale.

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    Dedicated is the way to go. These shared farms shove hundreds and hundreds of web sites on a single server. All it takes is a DOS attack on one of the sites or something like that to crash the entire server, leaving hundreds of sites down.
    Find a server with someone who has a reliable connection and plenty of redundancy.
    I pay $100 a month for an awesome server where I can put up to 200 sites of my own. This is the best deal I have seen.
    We have had one small glitch in the past 8 months and that was fixed within an hour.
    PM me if you want information on this. I won't turn this in to a commercial for them, but they are awesome.

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    If you're making $350 a day you can certainly afford a dedicated server at a top-notch datacenter.

    Steer clear of ev1 - they funded SCO's Linux suit to the tune of 1 million dollars.

    If you want managed service (ie hand-holding) try - huge - they've swallowed up many other providers in the past.

    If you can handle all your server work yourself, use their "unmanaged" service at hostcentric (no free phone support) - it's hard to beat a dedicated server with 500Gb of monthly bandwidth for $89!

    I got one of the ones with extra RAM and bandwidth for $109 - I converted it to Debian Linux remotely (that's a job that'll have you on the edge of your seat during reboots!) and it's doing sterling service.

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    On the other hand, with dedicated, if you are not finding an error, nobody will do, on a shared (not soooo shared) the downtime or glitch is noticed by the fastest webmaster noticing it. If you are not there to report a glitch, other 99 are going to do it.

    I have 2 years without a single noticeable downtime on a good shared.
    Fer(nando) - US & EU Marketing

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    Use a monitoring service. Google "web site monitor" and you will find one of dozens of companies that will hit html pages, perl scripts, php or anything else every few minutes, from several geographic locations. If an error is detected, it is texted to your cell phone. You will also get reports showing page load times and other useful data.
    This service is about $100 a year at most places. One outage being reported quickly can pay for a year of the service.

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    Been on a shared server for my sites with virtually no problem for several years. (Thanks

    To save a some money, I thought I'd try moving some sites to 1&1 since they just started offering Windows servers. HUGE mistake.

    In another thread, I described their bait & switch pricing scheme ("When is the end of July?") that sucked me in.

    Moved my main mall site there and found none of my automated datafeed update scripts work on their server. It's been 6 days with no response to my inquiry to their tech support.

    If I don't find a reliable low-priced Windows host, I'll admit my mistake in switching and move the sites back to the more costly though extremely professional host where they lived for the past few years.

    How 1&1 became one of the largest hosting companies in the world is beyond me.


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    For windows hosting I've used since 1998. Highly recommended.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out.


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    I'm with Drewbert. Not that I do anything really "special" with my dedicated server, but it's nice to know that:

    When I want to put up a site, I just click "New Domain-->Hosting-->Setup."
    When I want my files unzipped, I just unzip 'em. I've checked shared hosts lately, and most don't even mention unzipping, so it seems that every zip file I sent up would require getting Support to unzip it!
    Nobody'll ever tell me I *can't* run a Cusimano Script. The resources are all mine, I can use 'em all if I want to!

    Mine's a managed dedicated, so no having to worry about patching it or any of that. Although with the huge price difference I've seen between managed/unmanaged, I may set up an unmanaged one too, and see how that goes.

    Fer does have a point, though, about noticing an error--the longest my sites were down without anything being done to rectify that was about 6 hours. Why so long? Because that's how long it took me to wake up and check my CJ stats, realize that there was a problem and that it was on my end (I checked my sites immediately after seeing hardly any clicks), and alert the company.

    A monitoring system wouldn't have done me any good, since I would have been too busy sleeping to hear the message bell even if one was sent.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    i also use a dedicated server and have no regrets. 10 months now

    I knew nothing about servers and now only know a little and i manage it myself.

    have only had one major problem. Someone hacked my server and destroyed 80% of my files. The problem was my web sites back-ups were not up to date. it did teach me a Huge lesson.

    I now back all webs up every time i make even the smallest change.

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