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    To all of you who do spyware testing, how would you recognize the spyware program used for a pop up just from a link?

    In the link below, the name of the merchant was deleted as well as the affiliate ID and I only left the last part of it. Someone accused this affiliate of using spyware that triggered the pop up.

    where PT is the affiliate ID and the rest was the pop up ad code. Obviously with the size of the pop up it would have covered the whole screen at 800x600 resolution.

    Can anyone tell me which program was used in this case? Is it possible to know this from the link alone? What does "tracking 96" mean? The number of the ad?

    From reading Ben's site, I know that 180 allows various sizes for their ads. Are they the only ones that do or do all spyware allow customization? Is the 800x600 standard with spyware or is that one advertiser that set the ad to be that size?

    So many questions...



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    No you really can't tell the software responsible for generating the pop up from that URL. All applications who deliver pop ups have to define/control the size/location/etc of the pop up somehow. There are several different ways for them to do that.

    I take it you don't necessarily have access to the computer this pop up was generated on? You would really need that to be able to possibly track down the resposible application.

    Although, from my perspective it's not necessary to know the application behind it when an aff tracking URL is involved for the Network the tracking is running under to take action. The issue should be under what circumstance the pop up occurred and the behavior of the pop up containing the affiliate tracking.

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    Thanks Ms B and you're right, I'm not the one who got the pop up, so I really don't know which application it came from or what actually triggered it.

    The person who got the pop up said that he got this "adware" program installed on his computer from who knows when or where and it was so new that his sweet AdAware didn't catch it. I laughed because AdAware catches every cookie known to man but not much else. As you can tell, I'm no fan of AdAware. It doesn't detect Zango yet and God knows what else it doesn't find if it's not a cookie.

    But he did post the link I posted above with nothing left out and said he was 100% certain that this affiliate was a "spammer" just because he got a pop up. Strange choice of word when talking about spyware, but we all got the message.

    Since some turn their cookie stuffing/overwriting on and off, it's impossible to be 100% sure of anything unless there is testing done at the time the pop up ad appeared. Also depends on which program was used I suppose.

    And I just read other posts on Midaddle (if this is even right because I that threat go so derailed, I couldn't remember what it was about to begin with) and I've never heard of this program either. But will be looking for more info on it for sure to include on my site.

    Thanks again.


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