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    Somthing occurred to me All the networks and pretty much all of the smaller affiliate players have it in their TOS, that they will pay you sometime. Either on the 20th of the next month or within 30 days, whatever. But what occurred to me, what happens if they are late. It seems to me, that if they are late, they are late and you'll get get your money later. This doesn't seem right to me, shouldn't there be something in their TOS that says that if they are late that they should pay a penalty. I mean if I'm late to my credit cards they charge me $29. This pissesm me off especially since the one time I was late, I had l;ess than a $20 balance.

    CJ has pretty much always paid on time, and google too, although there was one month that something went wrong and they notified us they would be late. BUt the point is, they should have paid a penalty, I mean you try calling your credit card company and saying, I'll be late this month, could you wave the fee and see how far that'll get you.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but is in anyone's term of service does it say what happens if they get the checks out late?


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    I think that subject is studiously avoided, as is almost anything that can go wrong on their part. In every TOS I read, it is all YOU.

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    Ever had a brick-and-mortar employer whose checks weren't produced on time at one point or another?

    "That's Life", "Sh#t Happens".

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chief_Bobbit:
    Ever had a brick-and-mortar employer whose checks weren't produced on time at one point or another?

    "That's Life", "Sh#t Happens". <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Not me, but my mother has even had checks from a couple of empl*yers bounce on her! That would ignite a race by the workers to the employer's bank in the weeks following, because usually there was enough in it to cover the first couple of checks.

    Those that did not win the "race to the bank" would soon quit. Eventually even those who always managed to get there in time would tire of having to run and wonder, and leave for more solid companies.

    As for me, when I did some j*bs through Kelly Services, I would occasionally have to CATCH the authorizing person (a different person for each job) before she/he snuck out the back door...and sometimes I didn't succeed! Lack of success meant Kelly had to hound 'em until they faxed in a signature--and I had to keep hounding Kelly to keep them motivated to recover that money.

    Needless to say, I told 'em not to send me back to those companies!

    It's kind of sick in a way, that I did enough of that (temporary jobs) to be able to smell a chiseler as well as I can smell it on merchants. It's actually easier face-to-face: They usually act differently the second they decide to try to avoid payment.

    As for merchants, my opinion depends on whether late checks are a fluke occurance, or if it's an ongoing problem. Sh*t happens every now and then, but when late payment is their standard operating procedure, then HECK YEAH, they should pay a penalty!

    And if it's clear that they made a conscious decision to try to avoid paying, then they deserve much more punishment than a $29 penalty would be.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    Your credit card is money you borrowed, seems a bit different. I am just happy merchants give me an opportunity to make easy money. I am not going to fine them for being a few days late.

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