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    Thumbs down Work for Free - Merchants with zero percent (0%) commission
    This thread is to alert affiliates of merchants that are stiffing it to publishers like us:

    Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company As of 9/27
    Previous Per Sale Commission: 10.00%
    New Per Sale Commission: 0.00%

    Savannah's Candy Kitchen As of 9/28
    Previous Per Sale Commission: 5.00%
    New Per Sale Commission: 0.00%
    *Note, they dropped it from 10% to 5% on Sept 16.

    Foot Pile As of 9/17
    Previous Per Lead Commission: $2.50
    New Per Lead Commission: $0.00
    Ma, where the beer? :escape:

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    At 0% commission they no longer have an affiliate program. I would imagine that SaS will remove them from the network ASAP now that you've brought these merchants to their attention.

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    This should be an automatic feature in SAS that when a commission is set to 0 the merchant is automatically deactivated and removed.
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    thats not cool at all.

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    Most of the time, when a Merchant sets a commission to 0% it indicates that they want to close their account... This was the case here and the top 2 are now closed.

    Foopile changed from lead to sale and that was the reason for the lead commission going to 0.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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