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    Multiple Products vs. Single Product Promo
    When you launch an affiliate program is it better to focus on just one product at a time or if you have 40-50 products is it better to make them ALL available for affiliates to promote from the get go?

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    I don't think there is necessarily a better approach. If you have one product, but you have very a focused promotion it could be very successful. If you have very broad advertisement, then its best to have a variety of products to choose from. What I usually recommend is to have a few products that are diverse enough to have a wide market, but still similar enough to relate to each other. As you become more successful, you can add more products, but you don't want to have so many that you don't have enough man power to manage them.

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    Affiliates who join your program will expect to be able to promote and receive commissions for the sale of EVERY product offered on your site. You will have a very difficult time getting and keeping affiliates if 98% of the products are non-commissionable.

    Why should any affiliate EVER send ANY traffic to a merchant site where they will receive no commissions for sales for most of the available products?

    This is as much a common sense issue as a complicated business decision.
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    Could I just offer a 365 day cookie that they would get paid a commission for the sale of any other products which their clients purchase?

    I have 30 different web sites, all with different, but related, products

    But my main web site has about 40 different products too

    I want the affiliates to focus their attention on promoting the main product but maybe that's not the best plan.

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    Maybe encourage affiliates to promote a product, or certain products, but let them decide which one(s) they want to focus on. If you have 40 products let your affiliates promote any number of those 40 products.
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    AffiliateHound makes a really good point here. If a huge chunk of traffic affiliates are sending you isn't converting because customers are buying the wrong products, you're not going to keep affiliates very long.

    I'd suggest opening up your program and paying on all products. Then, if you're looking to push a certain product over others, consider running a promo and give your affiliates the chance to promote it.
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