MedSkin combines advanced skin care technology with ion strength ingredients to provide a clinically proven over-the-counter acne treatment.


As part of the product launch for the MedSkin Acne Rx System®, affiliates are offered an aggressive payout combined with an ultra high-conversion free trial offer.

Payout: $30 Flat Fee (*free trial conversion)
Product: MedSkin Acne Rx System®
Offer: Free Trial (15 or 30 days)

free trial conversion is defined as a user who does not return their products within the free trial period (15 or 30 days) and is successfully auto-billed for their product purchase at the end of the free trial period. Free trial conversion rates will vary by publisher.


The MedSkin® formula is a non-ion solution developed within the medical dermatological field, for users with acne problems who have not had success with mass-market products (e.g. Proactiv) and want to avoid the hassle of physicians ions or expensive medical spa treatments. MedSkin® incorporates beta and alpha hydroxy acids (glycolics), clinically proven to effectively treat acne and other related skin conditions.

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