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    Hotel Affiliate Programs -- Brand vs Aggregator?
    I've been testing some and researching some hotel affiliate offers -- one of the most saturated industries in the online space, no question.

    I was wondering what some of our affiliate colleagues, who have experience in the vertical thought of the dilemma of partnering directly with a brand's affiliate program (ex -- Best Western, Marriot, etc) vs an aggregator's program (ie -- EAN, Priceline, ).

    Do you have a preference?
    What are the benefits or drawbacks of each?
    Has anyone been able to publish a white label performance site working directly with the brand, rather than with Expedia, Travelocity, etc?

    Let's hear your thoughts.

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    I've been a hotels affiliate for over ten years - and always made more with consolidators than direct. There is so much competition today - even with the brands' own marketing efforts that it's not as good as it used to be. However, we still do several thousand room-nights per year - with about 50% of that being booked/consumed in June/July/August. But, even as "crowded" as it is - there is still plenty of room in the market.

    <begin shameless plug> Now we've actually begun our own aff program - and offer a flat rate payment, with no waiting and no cancellation worries. </end shameless plug>
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    Hi Bill,

    thanks for your thoughts.
    I sent you a message through, to hear more about what you're doing.

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